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I’m going to go into this assuming you don’t know what chiptunes are.

Although the scene seems to be growing, it’s most likely that most readers won’t.

Chiptune(s) normally refers to a composition created on game consoles from the 80s and 90s. Chiptune artists generally create music on hardware such as the Nintendo Game Boy, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Atari 2600 running souped up software. The term Chiptune can also apply to music made to copy this sound (depending on who you ask).

4x Modified DMG-01 Nintendo Game Boy’s – Modified by Anthony Hom

It really gets messy trying to find the lines where elements of a thing blur into itself. But that is always a good marker of a growing subculture; more to talk about than language is prepared to present.

Chiptunes are written on hardware such as the Nintendo Game Boy, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Atari 2600.

Programs like LSDJ and Nanoloop, arguably the two most widely used softwares, allow artists to utilize the sound capabilities of these machines turning them into digital instruments.

The Madness that is LSDJ

One thing you’ll notice as you explore the scene, is that the aesthetic draws an amazing community of people.

You definitely get a different experience at a chiptunes show, or especially when you talk with some of the people in the creative space. It’s kind of a breath of fresh air

Mike Bleeds fills us in on how people support one another [Next Session], going as far as to explain their setup and techniques.

I’ve found it is rare to find a chiptunes artist with an unreasonable ego.

An Interview With Kory and Keaton: Directors of The Players’ Score

Podcast1Our premier interview is with directors Kory Coldwell and Keaton Clansky who are currently filming and editing a documentary on video game music called The Players’ Score. They join us from a similar perspective, exploring the VGM culture as outsiders and share a little about what draws people to the music and what they plan to accomplish with their film.

The conversation presents a good picture of what the chiptune/VGM scene is like and why it looks like the scene keeps growing.

The introduction song, ‘Disco Text’  was provided by RobOctopus and the outro song, ‘Lost in Elk City’ was provided by Mike Bleeds

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