Interview With Anthony Hom – Modder / Circuit Bender

Rounding out our exploration of Chiptunes for the month of October, we speak with Circuit Bender, Modder, Artist, and Chiptunes enthusiast Anthony Hom.

Anthony is responsible for the hardware setups for a number of working chiptunes artists and numerous lesser known & up and coming chiptunes artists and hobbyists. Anthony modifies Nintendo Game Boy units to work with backlit screens, and put out professional quiality audio for live performances. He is also incredibly well-connected in the scene and shares a little about the current landscape and possible futures for the chiptune community.

Music from BananaSan!

Music Featured in this Session:
Track: Save Me

(Thank you Anthony!)

Intro Music:
Provided under creative commons license. 
Produced by The Passion HiFi

Outro Song: 
License: Public Domain
Seaboard Stomp
Blind Blake

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